"PRINTVIEW PLUS has saved us countless hours and is much more accurate than our previous method."

Richard Whitaker
Casual Male

Client - ABC Television Network

Client Profile - ABC Inc. is a widely diversified broadcasting company. It owns and operates major television stations and production and distribution companies.

Challenge - ABC had been creating W-2 reissues and W2-c's by manually typing them on a typewriter. It was a slow method that made for numerous inaccuracies and inefficiencies, and required a full-time person to handle the process. In an effort to improve the accuracy and turn-around time, the company evaluated another software package for a year but found it was not user friendly and failed to address the problems at hand.

Solution - ABC purchased the Deluxe 5-User Network version of PRINTVIEW PLUS to handle their year-end processing. They also use JAT's full-service option where JAT loads their W-2 data into PRINTVIEW's database for them. This allows forms to be created as soon as the software is delivered.

Results - PRINTVIEW's speed and ease of use allows the tax department to manage reissue and W-2c requests, thereby eliminating the full-time position previously required. Additionally, forms are now created in less than a minute with 100 percent accuracy.

"PRINTVIEW PLUS makes reissues and corrections easy to do. Comparing it to the old process is like comparing night and day."
Al Schreiber - Manager

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