"e-PRINTVIEW has saved on the cost of forms and made tax time easier for the Payroll Department and our employees."

Beverly Hall
Cox Communications, Inc.

Client - Cox Communications, Inc.

Client Profile - The fifth largest cable provider in the nation, Cox Communications, Inc., is a multi-service broadband communications company serving approximately 6.3 million customers nationwide. The company offers both traditional analog video programming, advanced digital video programming and an array of other communications and entertainment services, including local and long distance telephone service, high speed internet access, and commercial voice and data services. With approximately 22,000 employees, the Cox team is widely regarded as the best in the cable industry.

Challenge - Cox is responsible for providing W-2 reprints to all employees in its 34 business units across the country. Cox's corporate headquarters in Atlanta had to estimate the number of reprints needed by all of the company's business units and purchase costly tax forms to meet the needs of employees. Cox not only had to estimate for the current tax year, but also had to consider employee requests for tax information from previous years. Furthermore, the W-2c batch printing method of their payroll software required starting over and issuing another W-2c whenever an additional error was discovered. Keeping up with reissue requests was time consuming, as was listening to complaints about W-2c delivery time. Cox was looking for a solution that would provide their employees with quick, accurate W-2 processing as well as allow access to past year forms.

Solution - Cox purchased e-PRINTVIEW with multiple years of W-2 data available to their employees. When rolling out the employee self-service module of their payroll system, the e-PRINTVIEW link was embedded for a seamless integration.

Results - Using e-PRINTVIEW, Cox employees can now log in and print their own forms or receive them via email. Corporate headquarters no longer needs to order thousands of expensive forms and, since e-PRINTVIEW provides immediate access to all W-2 forms, Payroll is no longer fielding complaints regarding turnaround time. And, the W-2c process is very intuitive with e-PRINTVIEW. Cox has realized a substantial reduction in the amount of reprints, forms and overnight delivery costs previously incurred.

"With e-PRINTVIEW, our employees have immediate access to corrections and reissues. e-PRINTVIEW has saved on the cost of forms and made tax time easier for the Payroll Department and our employees."
Beverly Hall - Director Payroll Operations

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