"I would recommend PRINTVIEW PLUS to anyone who processes a large number of W-2's."   Richard Whitaker
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Client - Dassault Falcon Jet

Client Profile - Dassault Falcon Jet Corporation is a subsidiary of one of Europe's largest aerospace companies, Dassault Aviation. Dassault has two major facilities in the United States: their headquarters in New Jersey and a large production/completion plant in Little Rock, Arkansas. Dassault's main activity is selling and supporting Falcon's family of business jets throughout North and South America and the Pacific Rim countries.

Challenge - Dassault was processing two payrolls on one in-house system and two payrolls through a service bureau. This required submitting two different tapes to the SSA. Reporting was difficult, as they had to combine information from several different sources. This was not only very time consuming, but also left room for errors that could cause reports to be out of balance. Additionally, W-2 reissues and W-2c's were completed by hand using a typewriter. Each form could take 10 to 15 minutes to prepare.

Solution - Dassault elected to purchase the PRINTVIEW PLUS full-service option. JAT receives Dassault's W-2 data in a text file, loads it into PRINTVIEW and delivers the software and database ready to use. As a result, Dassault can now submit just one file to the SSA. At year-end, all 3,000 original W-2 forms are laser printed using PRINTVIEW.

Results - PRINTVIEW allowed Dassault Falcon Jet to replace manual typing of W-2 reissues and W-2c forms with PC-based entry. The online database now allows them to manage a high volume of reissues with minimal effort. By utilizing PRINTVIEW's reporting features and year-end database information, report totals are always correct.

"PRINTVIEW PLUS is wonderful and so easy to use. The W-2 forms look great and they print for the whole company in no time at all. I also appreciate the audit trail features of the software."
Tracy L. Colosimo - Payroll Supervisor

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