"With the turnover we have in our industry, I can't imagine not having PRINTVIEW PLUS."
Pam Hogan
EmployBridge, Inc.

Client - Casual Male (formerly J. Baker, Inc.)

Client Profile - J. Baker, Inc., is a diversified retailer of niche apparel and footwear operating a total of 1,400 retail locations in 49 states. The company's four divisions, Casual Male Big & Tall, REPP Big & Tall, Work'n Gear and JBI Footwear employ over 8,500 associates. A public company on the Nasdaq exchange with annual sales of $580 million, J. Baker produces 18,000 W-2's and 1,000 reissues each year.

Challenge - Prior to using PRINTVIEW PLUS, multi-carbon W-2's were filled out using a typewriter at J. Baker. One keystroke error and they had to use correction fluid on all six copies. W-2c's were also typed on carbon forms and manually calculated. It was a very labor-intensive process. With calls coming in all at once from multiple locations, it was difficult to keep up without an automated system.

Solution - To eliminate the problems with their W-2 and W-2c processing, J. Baker purchased the Deluxe version of PRINTVIEW. Since PRINTVIEW's database contains all the original W-2 data loaded from year-end payroll information, W-2 reissues are generated without manually typing each form. If a mistake is made when producing a W-2c, J. Baker easily corrects the database and reprints the form in seconds. Additionally, the W-2c totals are now automatically calculated by PRINTVIEW. J. Baker also has the flexibility of batch printing or printing forms on demand.

Results - With the installation of PRINTVIEW, J. Baker's payroll representatives no longer have to put in excessive overtime during the peak reissue period. The file cabinets containing copies of prior year W-2's have been replaced by one PC. This provides easy access to six years of history enabling the creation of prior year reissues and W-2c's with the same speed and accuracy found in the current year. Reissues are flagged as the calls come in and batch printed during the night. History is stored automatically and includes an audit trail of all changes made along with the date the form was issued.

"PRINTVIEW PLUS is a lifesaver. We've used it since 1993 and, as a result, haven't put a carbon W-2 in a typewriter in six years. This has saved us countless hours and is much more accurate than our previous method. I would recommend it to anyone who processes a large number of W-2's."
Richard Whitaker - Manager of Human Resources

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