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Colleen Hartel
Portland General Electric Company

Client - Versata

Assignment - Versata, Inc. is an industry leader in providing e-commerce solutions to businesses worldwide.

Their success and phenomenal growth posed a difficult dilemma. In a matter of months, the company doubled in size and then doubled again. The existing HRMS would no longer support continued growth and was, in fact, already stretched to and beyond the breaking point.

JAT was retained to assist Versata in finding a new human resource management system.

Challenge - As with any company experiencing such rapid growth, Versata's internal staff was equally stretched. The front-line staff had more work than they could handle. The company was also in the process of recruiting a new CIO and a VP of HR. All this was compounded by the burden of maintaining the obsolete system and supporting the build-out of other mission-critical business applications.

Not only was Versata rushed to find the right package, they needed it implemented just as quickly. Any delays would preclude their anticipated growth.

JAT was presented the difficult challenge of finding the package that best met their needs before their requirements were fully realized or understood. Additionally, the new HRMS would need to interface with other systems that had not yet been implemented.

Solution - JAT accepted the challenge. With its extensive background in HRMS, JAT was able to be productive right from the start.

A selection team was drafted and immediately began work. The first order of business was to determine the new system's requirements. This included satisfying both their current needs as well as those that could be reasonably anticipated in the future.

Once the requirements had been agreed to, JAT researched and selected several potential vendors, developed a comprehensive RFI package, managed vendor product demonstrations, and facilitated formal reference checking.

Throughout the process, JAT acted as the primary contact for each of the vendors, thereby allowing the internal staff to continue their regular duties without added burden.

Finally, JAT presented its recommendations to the Versata team.

Results - With all the tools at its disposal, Versata was absolutely confident in making its HRMS decision. The contract was signed just nine weeks after JAT came on board.

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