"PRINTVIEW PLUS makes reissues and corrections easy to do."

Al Schreiber
ABC Television Network

PRINTVIEW PLUS is a PC-based software application for in-house processing by Payroll. PRINTVIEW PLUS provides you with a database of your W-2 information so that you can produce a W-2 in seconds with an employee's first name, last name, SSN, or Org I.D. (i.e., Federal EIN, division).

When changes are required on a W-2, PRINTVIEW PLUS automatically imports the W-2 information into a W-2c form thus dramatically reducing the amount of manual input or typing.

For companies who have a high volume of W-2c's or W-2 reissues, PRINTVIEW PLUS allows you to batch forms for printing at any time.

Some of the many product features include:

W-2 reissues in seconds via laser forms (HP LaserJet compatibility).
Use of pre-printed or blank tax forms.
High volume batch or single form print modes.
W-2, W-2c, all 1099's, 1042-S, W-3, W-3c, 941, 941c, W-2G, 5498 and other tax forms.
Problem tracking for statistical reporting.
Extensive query capabilities.
Ad hoc register reports and export capability.
Data extraction from mainframe to PC.
Single and network versions.
Federal diskette filing.
State and local filing via hard copy.

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