EmployBridge, Inc. Saves over $7,000 with PRINTVIEW PLUS

EmployBridge, Inc. Saves over $7,000 with PRINTVIEW PLUS

EmployBridge, the fastest growing national provider of staffing and workforce solutions, used PRINTVIEW PLUS to handle all their W-2 processing needs last year. In doing so, they were able to save over $7,000 per year in software licensing when compared to their previous software.

Prior to using PRINTVIEW PLUS, EmployBridge purchased a software product requiring two versions to meet their needs - a single-user version for their staff and a multi-user version for their temporary employees. They found it difficult to get their payroll data uploaded, making it challenging to meet their filing deadline. Their staff spent a lot of time installing patches and had trouble getting through to technical support. The product did not limit the view of sensitive payroll data by user. Purchasing two versions was expensive and they had to send their files out for printing.

After purchasing PRINTVIEW PLUS, their IT staff could easily load their payroll data in PRINTVIEW and were able to print their original W-2's in-house. PRINTVIEW is much easier for EmployBridge to use and maintain and has the security features they desired for sensitive payroll data.

Pam Hogan, Director of Payroll and Billing, stated "With the turnover we have in our industry, I can't imagine not having PRINTVIEW PLUS. My IT people are much happier. It's a great product and from a price perspective, you just can't beat it."

About EmployBridge

EmployBridge provides experienced staff to companies in specific industries. Spanning 143 locations throughout the U.S., EmployBridge produces more than 43,000 W-2's and over 3,000 reissues each year.